the face of THE GG SHOP

the face of THE GG SHOP

Hi there!

If you’re reading this, please let me tell you how happy I am for taking the time t read about us.

The idea of THE GG SHOP was born accidentally, as we never thought it could be such a joyful experience. We opened our Etsy Shop in 2016, but we were already selling our creations since 2012 in smaller websites.

Our aim is to provide fashionable digital contents and resources, since I’ve been working with different companies as a tech. fashion developer, so fashion will remain our primary focus.

We will keep our best selling items here on sale, instead uploading on Etsy , in order to stay true to the copyright regulations.


Let me introduce you my story...
I have been freelancing since I was 18 years old.
I first started designing dancing costumes for latina dancers. This was my first job as a freelance and it lasted for 3 years. 

I always knew I wanted to draw for the rest of my life, but I obviously had to do a "reality check". I could not live only as a freelance and I managed to work as an illustrator only on a part time basis. So I always had a "morning job" while freelancing, mostly at night. Working online had really changed everything: I met new people, got new gigs, and earned a little bit more.

Then something happened in my life, and it changed everything .... at least for a while.
I got a job as a professor in High School,it was totally unexpected as I never thought about becoming a teacher, and I liked it so much that I started to consider the idea of quitting my freelance job. And so i did for a few years, at least 3. I stopped drawing.
Lost my clients. Close my accounts from all freelance website. My freelance era was done forever. At least this is was i thought.
Now I was a teacher, and had no time for day-dreamng about being afull time illutrator.

A few years passed on quity, but thre was another surpise again. 
My job at school started to be a major disaster: the school started to put people on laid, didn't pay salaries, and the situation looked catastrophic. I needed a way out. 
And soon. 
I was desperate to find another job, to pay my bills. 
I had no idea where t start. So I decided to give my freelance activity another chance. I said to myself i had to set a 3 years-goal. If I achieved reasonable results in 3 years then I cold prbably turn this in a full time job.

I started appling for agencies to sell my illstrations. Open a Facebook page. An instagram Page. and started drawing and drawing... It wasnt easy but it worked. In 3 years I have been able to turn my passion in a full time job, get new ckients, some of them on an ongoing basis, and collaborating with major Italian companies and website. I opened 2 different online shops. And finally saw that everything is possible if you put enough effort and don't stop until you reach the result you want.
You know, when life gives you lemons... 


- DAPHNE MODA - ( cotume designer)
- DANCING WITH THE STARS (FOR ITALIAN TV ) - ( costumes design)
- MELIE BIANCO ( bag designing) 
- MISS KINSMAN ( luxury beachwear - los angeles fashion week - beachwear design)
- BONBONBIKINIS (online company that sells vintage beachwear - tecnhical developing and design)
- FASHION CLOSET ORGANIZER (iphone application )
"Women Virtues"
"Jane Austen stories"
"How to host the perfect wedding


CURRENT COLLABORATION WITH Uliveto & Rocchetta as a graphic designer